General practitioners

Doctor Gilani
BIG registration number 49913727801
Work days: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday

Doctor Slooter
BIG registration number 49066391701
Work days: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday

Doctor van der Haar
BIG registration number 69914870801
Work days: Monday, Tuesday and Thursday

Doctor Grundmeijer
BIG registration number 49913210001
From the 10th of February 2021 dr. Grundmeijer is not working in our team. Dr. van Houten will take over her service.

Doctor van Houten
BIG registration number 49913250601
Work day: Friday

Medical assistants

Marianne Léger-Vergouw

Nicole de Geus

Chaima Lilih

Bona Bytyqi

Kübra Aydin

Practice nurses – diabetes and cardiovascular disease

Marianne Léger-Vergouw

Joke Verbeij

Mental health care professionals

Marieke Beerthuis

Jan Smits